Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oma, Opa & the Ocean

i don't think i've done an entire post in B&W yet...but i think these are wonderful in B&W.  if you really want to see them in color, along with MORE pictures, they'll be here, but as of right at this moment, there are no photos uploaded (gimme-a-break...i have an infant, a day job, a couple of furbabies who are seriously deprived of attention...blah blah blah)....but i will upload them soon.  promise.

oma & opa came out for a week of immi time.  it was great!  they got to babysit while i was at work and had a chance to really bond with her.  

i can't even begin to express how much we really, really, really appreciate the fact that we have so many loved ones who make an effort to be involved in her life.  it's because of you all that she will always feel loved and supported no matter where she goes in life (ha! like mama is gonna let her go further than 50 feet from her, like EVER).

^^^they shared secrets^^^

^^^and snuck in smooches^^^

^^^and held hands^^^

^^^immi already trying to make opa look cooler - "opa, lemme fix your hat"^^^

^^^gentle face touches...seriously the best feeling ever^^^

^^^day dreams^^^

^^^baby inhale...moms- you all know what i mean by that^^^

^^^more face grabs^^^

^^^had fingers for dessert^^^


First Taste: avocado

well, apparently Imogen doesn't share her mama's love for avocado.  this food choice DID NOT go as well as I was hoping.  even though avocado has so much goodness to it, fatty good fats, vitamin e, antioxidants, folate...the list goes on...immi didn't see the appeal.  i mean, there are reasons i am going to continue to gently "nudge" her towards avodcado...really, who doesn't love that buttery creamy goodness...nom nom nom!!  and she calls herself a california girl?!?!?!  pishaw!!!!! the one good thing that came out of feeding her avocado are the amazing faces she made.  finally, for those non-believers, some non-smiley immi action.

 ^^^uh- guys, this stuff is green!^^

^^^...and smooshy...^^^

^^^and if you make me eat this... i'm gonna hurl^^^

^^^oh? you're serious?...YAH.  EFF'ING. RIGHT...^^^ 

that last face is my favorite.  she definitely gets that face from yours truly.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boobies, Bottles & Rock 'n Roll

that is one bad-ass baby rocker face...she's the shiznit, and she KNOWS it.  hahaha. 

adam has been threatening to buy immi a drum set pretty much since the day he found out i was pregnant - i think mostly becuase HEƱ wants to play on them {greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat}...  which in our little condo was BOUND to be lots of fun... SO when I saw these "quiet" drums on a blog, i had to JUMP and beat him to the punch.  I am IN LOVE with them, but seeing Adam (ok, well HEARING adam) have so much fun playing with them and immi, makes me love them even more.  they are definitly "quieter" - but not necessarily what i'd call "quiet".  as you can see...Imbot is already ready to ROCK!

[and yes...i've already had to yell from the kitchen that they were being too loud]

I also love that they stack so compactly together.  GREAT for those who have minimal storage!

she obviously really gets into it. [note the spit-up on her chin]

i think band Kino is complete :) 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

first taste: sweet potato

well...we had our weight-check appointment this week, and wee Immi is gaining weight, but still not quite as fast as doc would like.  nothing to worry about, but they want to keep an eye on her to make sure her development stays on track. right now, developmentally she is great and right where she should be, if not a little advanced...however, she did suggest we start immi on food to get in a few more calories. [oh boy]... i was kind of dreading hearing this, for a couple reasons.  One, becuase i'm not really ready for her to be old enough to eat PEOPLE food, and two, becuase i knew i'd have to have the grain talk... typically the "recommended" first food is rice cereal...and as most of you know, we are a grain-free house.  (i'm not going to preach to you about's just our preference) have no idea how relieved i was that the doc is totally supportive of our food beliefs and said it was definitly ok to start her on something that we would eat: sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, banana.  she just wants us to introduce one at a time in case she reacts to something.

coincidentally, right after we got back from the Dr. office, a friend sent a hilarious little video, First of course i needed to do my own version...and since i'm a gif-a-holic...i went the gif route.  
it'll be fun if i can keep up with all her firsts...we'll see.