Friday, July 20, 2012

Planning for My Mini

me- all saints scarf I bought last year on our west coast roadtrip.
my mini- thief & bandit leggings from miniluu.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Half Way! - twenty weeks and counting

well, it's official!   we are half way through this! uh....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!   it really does go pretty fast, huh?  we've finally started clearing out the spare bedroom...the bed is gone, the broken desk is cleaned out...the crib is here, but one of the wooden spindles is broken :(  so we are waiting to call the company tomorrow to get a new piece.  I'm really quite in love with the crib!  a HUGE thank you to Oma and Opa for marshmallow's beautiful crib!!!   It's a franklin & ben liberty crib, from NessaleeBaby (hopefully they are helpful and sends us a replacement for the broken piece).  

and though, i feel as though i have 'looked' pregnant for months, people are finally starting to comment on my belly!!!!  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

GUEST POST- Life lessons I’ve learned from marathon training.

Last Sunday morning I got to do something I’ve been waiting for since January- cross “run a marathon” off my bucket list. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, but always doubted my ability to discipline myself to put in the training miles. They say life is a journey and not a destination, and it couldn’t apply more in this experience. I went through many highs and many lows along the way, and I thought I’d pass along a few words of wisdom that could bridge the gap of what I’ve learned and how it will stay with me the rest of my life.

Set high goals for yourself, and tell people about them so you are held accountable. I feel like I’ve made a ton of New Year’s resolutions in my life, but only had minimal success following through on them. I knew if I didn’t tell anyone about my goal to run the Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego marathon in June, it would be too easy to just give up or conveniently “forget” to get in my run that day.

Follow a reliable, proven formula. When I first got the idea in my head to run a marathon, the longest distance I had ever run in a single stretch was about 12 miles- and that was about 11 years ago while in college! My typical runs lately were about 4-5 miles at the max, so even the idea of a HALF marathon seemed overwhelming. I knew I needed help, so I consulted the web and found an array of training routines from reputable running coaches that would allow me to work with the foundation I had in place and gradually work up my mileage each week. I wanted a routine that was realistic and set me up for success. I knew going in that this would be a commitment, but I didn’t want to have to dedicate my entire life to running. I chose Hal Higdon’s program for the fact it only required three relatively short runs days during the workweek (when I am busiest) and then a long-distance run on Saturdays

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. This was a favorite quote of a professor of mine back in grad school and while I always understood it’s value in the business world, I have a new appreciation of the term after this experience. There were seemingly endless examples of this in my journey- from the 6:30 weekday morning runs before work, to a long Saturday run in the pouring rain. Even if the weather is perfect and its not 6:30am- running is exhausting and will make you want to double over in pain. It’s up to each person to anticipate and deal with this each and every time.

Make sure you have the right equipment. Running takes a toll on the feet, the knees, the hips, and even the mind. I liked wearing sunglasses when I run during the day, but the pair I had kept fogging up all the time. Once on a long run I wore a pair of cheap socks and it lead to awful blisters. I would always seem to “hit the wall” around mile 18 or so in my training runs, and couldn’t understand why until I saw a nutritionist at a health food store and she explained to me that I needed to carry amino acids and electrolyte supplements with me to relieve the dizzy feeling I would always suffer and once my body’s storage was depleted. Try out different combinations of gear and when you find a combination that works- stick with it.

Look for little wins. On long runs, knowing I had 10 miles to go before finishing always seemed overwhelming to me. I discovered that breaking up the distance and utilizing this theory can make the task a bit more tolerable. This can mean anything to any person- it could be as simple as making it to a water fountain, letting momentum carry you down a hill, or even just turning a corner so the wind is at your back can be a huge pick me up.

Not everyday is going to be a great day. For about two weeks, I fought a nasty hip flexor pain in my left side, and then a few months later I had the exact same thing happen in my right. I also experienced my first bout with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for about a week. I was fortunate not to suffer any major injuries in my training, but there were no shortage of days I either physically or mentally wasn’t interested. These were the days I just went into autopilot mode: laced up my shoes, put my head down, and got it done.

You can’t fake hard work. The reason I was so intrigued at setting this goal for myself back in January was the challenge of it, and the discipline needed to achieve it. There is no way to cheat the system and breeze your way through a marathon- a person needs to train for months and months to build the stamina required.

When life knocks you down, you get right back up. When I attempted the Rock and Roll Marathon back in June, I may have been prepared physically, but not mentally. The pressure of so many people cheering me on had me running at too fast of a pace and ultimately lead to me burning out around the 19-mile mark. I was so disappointed in myself while sitting in the Medic Tent- I felt like such a failure and all my months of training was worthless. It wasn’t until a week or so later that I realized that it didn’t have to be a big disappointment unless I made it that way. I found the next race in Southern California (today in Long Beach) and treated the Rock and Roll experience as if it were just a long weekday training run. This kept me motivated and focused at achieving my goal- even if it were a bit postponed.

Hard work is always worth it in the end. Looking back- I’ve learned so much about myself. As much as running is classified as an “individual sport”, there is no chance I could have completed this race today without my wife, and the friends and family that have stood by me throughout this experience with unwavering support. There is a reason people put themselves through the seemingly torture of a marathon- it is an amazing feeling to cross that finish line and know you have pushed your body to the absolute limit. 

keep smiling,


Friday, July 6, 2012

1000 +

You LIKE me, you really, really like me!

hip hip hooray!  this morning i woke up to check the blog and thanks to all you fabulous readers, we've hit over 1000 views!!!  AND on the day we got to see our little marshmallow again!  yeop, we had our 18-20 week ultrasound, and good news, she's still a she!  phew.  i told adam that if he she is a boy this time, that he'll have to pretend to be a girl for at least the first year of his life...cuz his mom already spent too much on oober girlie clothes :)

on this monumental day, i thought i'd answer some of the questions that i get all the time.

Q.  how are you feeling?
A.  beyond the puking every morning, and the constant heartburn...great!  oh, did i mention tired?  oh yah, and that my back is usually sore (most likely thanks to my even more humungous lady lumps)

Q.  can you feel her?
A.  well, i've convinced myself i have.  everything i read says that most first time moms don't feel it right away, but the 2nd time around they know what they are 'feeling' for.... and since everyone says it feels like gas, bubbles, flutter...anytime i feel something that is in that realm, i say it's her.  it helps me understand and feel better about items in the first questions.

Q.  any weird cravings?
A.  weird in general? no.  weird for me? yes.  the one thing i crave on a daily basis are bean and cheese burritos.  I never liked beans...i never really liked burritos.  but this whole thing has turned my eating habits upside down.  anything i liked, seems to be on the 'do not eat' list, while things like beans---it's ON!

Time to go lay on the couch some more.  have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

oh my my...obsessed.

...and how could i NOT be?  i have been stalking flora & henri since before i was pregnant...swooning over the incredibly adorbale knit layettes.  finally, after confirming that marshmallow was indeed a 'she', i went in for the kill.  my only complaint? by the time i got there, a lot of the sizes were already gone, so  i couldn't follow my mom's rule to 'always buy in multiples'...pretty sure i'll be stalking ebay for these guys. (ugh, even the packaging was cute)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

today i met richard

happy 4th of July!

every night on my way home from work, i pull into our little complex, and drive passed a little old man -  routinely dressed in his levi jeans, plaid shirt, and khaki baseball cap.  he'd stare down cars as they passed...i just assumed he was just a grumpy old man waiting to scold the younger residents for going over the 8 mph speed limit...that was until one day, i decided to just smile and wave.  low and behold, he cracked a big 'ol grin and waved back.  from that day on, every night on my way home, i wave 'hello' to the man in the levi jeans, plaid shirt, and khaki hat and he smiles back. goes to show what a smile can do :).

one of my favorite days here in our little complex is july 4th.  every year there is a cookout, and EVERYONE comes creeping out of their doors and gathers to eat burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and home baked goodies.  it's really fun to see all the residents here.  usually we all keep to ourselves, politely nod as we pass...perhaps take each others garbage out (or in), and go on our merry way.  so this year, when i peeked up between chomps of my burger (stuffed with bar-b-que chips)  i saw a grin, directed at me,  peeping out from under a khaki hat.  i introduced myself, and FINALLY, after almost 8 years, met richard...the man in the levi jeans, plaid shirt, and khaki hat.

anyways, to celebrate the 4th, i had a list of three things to do, and by that, i mean, three things to eat: corn dog, s'mores, and a root beer float.  what's more american than that!? nothing.  seeing that we are not adventurous enough to fight the traffic, we made our s'mores here at home, in the oven.  i think they turned out just scrumptiously.  (also note that we had to use baby marshmallows, because the grocery stores were completely sold out of ALL the normal ones!!!!!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


there are definitly things that i miss being pregnant, but i think the one thing that i really-really miss on a daily basis, are my morning.  they used to be filled with runny yokes, sweet potatoe hash, bacon, did i say runny yokes?  uh.  i love me some runny yoke eggs...but for now, the site/smell of eggs sends me running for the porcelain. on that note...some of my favorite runny yoke egg recipes that i hope to one day enjoy again.

Eggs in a nest

directions: preheat oven to 370 degrees, line greased cupcake tins with strips of proscuitto (it is much easier to remove the cups if the proscuitto completely lines the cups), crack egg into cups, sprinkle each egg with a little shredded cheese and dash of salt and pepper.  Bake for 15 minutes, let sit for 5 min. 

for sweet potatote hash- peel 1-2 large sweet potatoes, with food processor 'hasher' shred potatoes.  i fry my sweet potatoes in ghee, and add a hint of maple syrup.  MMmMMmMm.  you can also make the hashbrowns in the oven if you are making large quantities.

once egg cups have set, remove from tin, and place ontop of has brown, top with green onions.

Ham Eggs Cups

this is a somewhat simplified version of the first recipe!
directions:  preheat oven to 375 degrees- insert thin slices of ham into the cups of a greased (coconut oil, ghee) cupcake pan.  crack egg into each cup.  sprinkle with salt, pepper to taste.  for the ham cups, i really prefer topping with gouda cheese.  the two seem to pair really well.  bake for 15 minutes, or until eggs set.  if you want to get crazy, before cracking the egg, drizzle the ham with a little maple syrup.  i know i'm weird, but i love egg yoke and maple syrup mixed together.

Eggs in the Clouds
This one takes a bit more effort, but is SO worth it.  

directions: crisp bacon- i like to cook my bacon in the over at 400 degrees, for about 15 minutes, until it's good an crunchy- CRUNCHY. let cool. crumble into bits

increase over temperature to 450 degrees

separate egg white and yokes

whip egg whites until peaks form - fold in bacon crumbles, shredded cheese, and green onion (or chives).

divide the egg white mixture into the number of eggs used and spoon mounds onto a parchment lined baking sheet, create a deep well in the center of each mount.  bake for 3 minutes.  remove from oven, gently add 1 yoke into the well of each cloud.  season with salt and pepper.  bake for addition 2-3 minutes.

Soft Boiled Eggs with Asparagus and Proscuitto Crisps


crisps (can also substitute with bacon)-
slice proscuitto into thin slices fry in pan on medium-high heat until crispy.  remove from pan, and set aside on a paper-towel covered plate (helps remove some grease)-- keep pan warm and save grease for later

soft boiled eggs-  
boil water- reduce to rapid simmer.  gently lower eggs into the water.  cook eggs for 5-7 minutes depending on how running/firm you desire.  remove eggs from water, and run under cold tap water for 30-60 seconds.  remove from shells

i hate the woody part of asparagus, bleh.  so i take each end of my asparagus, and slowly bend it in half until it snaps. it will snap where the woody part starts.  my favorite way to cook asparagus is to blanch it.  boil salted water, add asparagus- cook for 1 minute, remove from water.  THEN, add the asparagus to the proscuitto pan and quickly fry it a little in the proscuitto grease...MmMmMmm

layer- asparagus, egg (with salt and pepper), crisps.

bon appetite!