Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Months

I don't really have a ton to say for the 5 month mark, except that she seriously needs to STOP growing so fast...BUT i  will compensate for my lack of words by putting some extra photos AND gifs!! hahaha!  

normally there isn't a check up at the 5 month mark...they do the 4 month, and then the 6 month, since that is the recommended vaccine schedule...BUT since Immi's last weigh-in came in a little lower than they liked, we are headed back next week.  honestly, i dont think she came too low at all...she grew a ton height wise, so thats where i think the energy goes.  i mean c'mon...look at her dad!

this month we've really gotten into reading.  dad reads every night to immi while mom gives her a bedtime massage.  it's our little routine.  just recently, immi has started to hold the book herself (for about 3 seconds, and then she tries to eat the book).  below she is reading a cute little book from dad called "Little But Extremely Important Things Every Woman Should Know"... I think her favorite page is "Simply state your opinion as an ironclad fact..." 

and, as 'n gifs!

I love the face's like she's saying "uh, yah right know i'm their favorite..."

just some good smiley goobs.

don't ask me why....but when she makes this face...she reminds me of boppa (grandpa reilly).
and when she makes this face she reminds me of her daddy... 
this is the famous im-bot smeyes (ANTM/Tyra banks phrase for smiling with your eyes)...

and yes...we are SORTA sitting up on our own...this little gif shows how we normally end up aftr a couple minutes though...

my next post will probably be a shorty...just showing off some of the treasures we found in least thats where my head is right now.

until then...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stopping to Smell the Roses...

and what better a place than the City of Roses - Portland!!  bahaha,ok, maybe we spent a little less time smelling roses, but we did let our noses do the leading...right into pretty much every eatery downtown Portland has to offer. this was our first flight as 2 + 1...and boy, did that +1 have a lot of  +'s!!!! The hardest part about flying with a baby is definitly keeping track of all your crap through security.  they literally make you take everything apart and out...and then there is swabbing and scanning... once we got through that though, it was pretty easy.  Imster is a pretty laid back baby and as you can see, maintained a fairly happy mood.  you will notice that her jamjams are unbuttong though.  of course we boarded the plane, ended up having to sit for awhile, WITH NO AC.... so it started to get toasty.  she got a little fussy, but was no where near as cranky as most of the adults.  oh goobs.
now where to start our i'm writing this, i'm not really sure how i want to organize the post...chronological? maybe.  categories (food, events, fun, etc) maybe? 

well, lets start here, at cacao!  yes, you see the sign, "drink chocolate" and. that. is. what. we. did.  this little place was attached to our hotel, The Heathman Hotel, which is a charming little hotel with lots of fun character...and maybe i'm biased becuase this cacao heaven was attached to it.  in the 3 days we were in portland, i think i was there 4, mmmmm, maybe 5 times.  while dad was at work, immi and i would go get a cup of 'drinking chocolate' (NOT to be confused with hot cocoa!) and sit and watch portlandians walk by.

and then there was this place.... the reason i went to portland in the first place. The Grilled Cheese Bus...ok, this wasn't technically the Grilled Cheese Bus.  it wasn't even a bus...but it IS the same guys...just the downtown location. and i know...i could probably make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich all on my own at home... but i have fond memories or the Grilled Cheese School Bus, playing cards with one of my favorite little men (Yah, know who you are).... anyways, immi and i were just walking along, checking out the city, and the rows of food trucks, when i spotted this gem...i'm not supposed to have dairy, but c'mon...could i really pass up a grilled cheese? NOT. LIKELY.  we then went on to find a gluten-free vegan bakery...which i'll write about later, since we went there multiple times as well...(meep).
so then it was friday night...when we went to bed that night, we had NO IDEA what excitement we were in for.  it was about 3am when what i thought was a VERY loud and obnoxious alarm clock started going off.  it kept telling me i had to leave the building...i don't know how many times i hit that damn alarm clock before i realized - no nikki - THIS IS AN ACTUAL ALARM TELLING YOU TO LEAVE THE BUILDING...oh lord...was pretty much the thought that went through my head.   we wrapped up the baby and grabbed her diaper bag and some blankets...and made our way to the stairs.  immi and i led the pack of bedheads from the 4th floor out the building, not really knowing what to expect.  after what had happened in boston the weekend before, i dont think anyone really knew or wanted to think about what could be happening... so we all sat outside, waiting.  the fire trucks came, and a nice lady from the hotel came out to let us know that it was a fire alarm that had gone off, but that she wasn't sure how/why.  there didn't appear to be any fire or smoke... so we all sat it out.  immi was in awe with all the lights flashing.  her arms were just flappin' away in excitement...then, the firemen (who looked SO PLEASED to be awake) came back out and said we were safe to re-enter the building.  best part- immi went right back to sleep - thank god!

ok, back to the food... downtown Portland has a block of food trucks...can you say YUM, from things like thai food, gourmet dumplings, crabcakes - oh - and BRATS!! bahaha.  of course the cheesehead in us couldn't turn down a brat.  i have no idea how to pronounce this food truck's name, but what i do know, is that they were the first truck on the block, they had a packer helmet on the fridge, and they had pretty amazing brats.  Adan got a brat on a burger...and i got the "frenzy" a brat style sloppy joe. nom. nom. nom.

then there was this place... Lardos! yep...a place for us Lardos to eat like fat kids PROUDLY - and yes, i was absolutely drawn in by the mere photo ops that came along with the HUGE glowing "PIG OUT" sign.  the 'dirty fries' weren't too bad either.

oh petunia's...sweet sweet petunia's.  immi and i found petunia's the first day we were in portland.  we stopped in, after already eat 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches, and had ourselves a salted peanut cookie sandwich.  petunia's is a gluten-free/vegan bakery...not that it really matters when you're already up like 3000 calories for the day.  of course, we had to bring back dad...twice.  the first time i was there...sparkly cupcakes...the last time we were there - SPARKLY DOUGHNUTS! for realz?! yes. FOR REALZ! pretty sure that was what heaven looks like...sparkly cupcakes and doughnuts.

i was a little disappointed by this place Tasty on Alder.  I stopped there the first day with Immi, and had this AMAZING radicchio salad, and an uber scumptious porkchop...i tried taking adam back twice, BUT they were so packed that they wouldn't even take our name. :( 

as some of you might have seen on Facebook...we needed to feed our inner a trip to the OMSI was perfect.  one thing i learned?  we are more life science people than earth science people.  i think i would move to portland just to be able to go to the OMSI with Immi every day!

some extra shots we took around portland....

for immi's first trip, i think she enjoyed herself  ...what do you think? just some shots of my little love  enjoying herself in the city.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Careful What You Wish For..

So when I was pregnant, I'd always joke around about how I'd end up with a little girl, who was a combination of Adam and my dad...short, no-neck, tree trunk legs...with my nerdy personality....all along really thinking that she would end up looking just like me, brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin (so i guess, in short - brown)...but apparently my brown dominant genes are no match for those blue eyes!  she looks... just. like. my. dad. and. adam... with my goobery personality...but somehow she is JUST GORGEOUS!

I know it's a little late...but some photos from Tutu and Boppa's visit.

snuggles in front of the del...

see!  they are like twins!

boppa thought it would be fun to stick Immi in the calla patch...our little calla patch doll...bahahahaha.

immi toes...just maxin' n' relaxin' at the del...seriously, this babe has been to the del more than any little girl i know!
immi n' tutu...allllllllllll love.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walk, Personality...Talk, Personality, SMILE, Personality...

we've been singing a lot over here...i think that means we're happy or something like that.  and who wouldn't be with this little face looking up at you all the time.  looking at these pics makes me a LITTLE nervous...have i created a created a monster?!?!  hahaha -  she sure loves the camera - or maybe the camera loves her?

why did we have this photo shoot? well, mostly because i wanted to have some pics in this super cute heart hoodie - in case you weren't aware - i am obsessed with hearts.  the obsession started awhile ago, but became more of an issue once my little love came into my life.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Bunny Foo Foo, the Forest Fairy and the Wee Wittle Pixies

have you ever listened to the Little Bunny Foo Foo song?  i think if i saw the real bunny foo foo, i'd go running the other way!!  i youtube'd the song to sing with Immi, and the cartoon video was showing bloody field mice :(  NOT COOL! 

Lucky for us, our bunny foo foo, was sparkly pink and hosted an amazing Easter Brunch!!!  her wee wittle pixie liked her better as mama, than bunny foo foo...

there was lots of yummy food... 

glitter! goldleaf! oh my!  with a sparkly pink bunny foo foo, of course there would be sparkly easter egg decorating!! in all honesty, the gold leaf pen was WAY more my style...but now looking back at the pics, the gold leaf looks super fun!!  hmmmm, what else can i goldleaf?
easter = spring, spring = new, and these two love birds are NEWLY ENGAGED!! congrats!

some cynthia and rick always make the day happier!  immi loves when cynthia sings to her, and fell asleep in her swimsuit in cynthia's lap for a good hour or so..

this wee wittle pixie and her tutu - there will be more of this series in the tutu & boppa visit post!!

and of course, what holiday is complete without flowers?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Goober's 1/3 Year

this past week, my sweet Imogen passed the 4 month mark.  that's 1/3 of a year!!!...

we don't have doctor stats, but really, do you really care that much about those? i'm guessing not.  everyone is more interested in seeing that precious goobery face...and i don't, nor can't, blame them.  this post is actually proving to be harder for me to write than i thought.  mostly because i had to dig to find the one month pic, thus being "forced" to look at "old" photos of her...and realizing how fast she really is growing...and that she won't ever be that, or this, little again.  (i feel like i'm starting to sound a little "who's on first-ish", with my "that or this" and "don't nor can't")... don't get me wrong!  this little human, who no longer looks like a giant california raisin (anyone else collect those from Hardees fun meals [out here people call them Carl's Jr's]???)  she is becoming an amazing little person, who's every smile melts my heart into a giant pool of goobery ooziness.  

as you can see, i couldn't pick just ONE 4 month photo.  she just has so much personality, it's tough to capture it in just one photo.  perhaps if i was a better photographer........... (this is where you chime in..."what? you're an ah.mazing know just how to capture the very essence of things..."...HA! yah, i'm just fishing for compliments.  it's a side effect of living in the shadow of immi now! she gets ALL the attention).  She is a wonderful combination of sweet and goobery, happy and needy, curious and cuddly...i couldn't imagine having her any other way.

1. everything goes in the mouth...everything deserves at least a taste...maybe two, right?

2. laughing- this one makes me a little sad...not becuase she laughs, but becuase with me, she only gives the chuckle.  the only person i've heard her full on laugh for is tutu.  i've tried mimicking what tutu did, but apparently it just don't fly with miss im-bot.

3. these days, our little one is rockin' the rhianna mohawk.  

4. (skip this one if talk of boobs and pumping make you squirmish)...she's nursing!  yes, it's only taken four months, but we have gone an entire day and only had to use 2 bottles the whole day!!! all the other times she nursed!  this might not be a huge deal to all of you out there...but excuse me for a short moment while i just get a little excited about this...i have been exclusively pumping, so that i can ensure that my baby has the best possible nutrition that i can offer her.  this isn't a "boob-milk is best" rant, becuase every mom does what is best for her baby, and sometimes that means formula, or donor milk, or whatever each mom decides, but for us, the pumping and bottle feeding was the route we went...anyways...if anyone has every spent anytime on a pump, you know just how "fun" it is...and how "amazing" your bubbies look.  i think my sister best described it as looking like hot dogs squished into tubes...i know T.M.I.  I gave the stats before i think...over 3 hours a day pumping...luckily for me, i've been able to reduce that time, by eliminating a couple pumpings.  my supply is ample and i get MORE than enough with the 5 pumpings.