Thursday, June 28, 2012

lessons from mom

lessons passed down from my mom:

1. people only swear when they can't think of a smarter word to use
2. girls can use hammers
3. always buy in multiples....

so, i ask this good planning on my part?  or just neurotic?

(above: stella mccartney nude tulle dress with silver polka sizes 12, 24 and 36 months)

the doom of deli meat

So going into this whole pregnancy thing, I knew I was going to feel a whole realm of emotions.  I knew that I'd freak out, i knew that i'd be ridiculous excited, i knew at some point i'd be impatient, that i'd be moody, and crazy and neurotic...however, no one ever really talks about how extreme some of those feelings can be...and how irrational you might respond to them.  So, since it's been a couple days, and i am able to look back now and laugh at myself, i thought i'd share my biggest melt-down so far.

so it was sunday, a gorgeous day...a perfect day for a baptism!  yeop, my sweet cousin(?) rylie was baptized on sunday.  of course the event was insanely gorgeous, because her mom, my beautiful-talented cousin, Cassidy, planned out every single detail...and if you know cassidy, you know, that means, every. single. detail. :)  i am so happy to have her in my life, so she can help me plan out all the little details in life.

anyways, while at the "small" (100+ people) reception after the baptism,  I scarfed down a delicious sandwich...filled with deli meats!!!  at the time, i didn't think anything of it (baby brain to blame?).  but then, it all came crashing down.  when i got home, i realized what "awful" thing i did...i had subjected my unborn child to DELI MEAT!  deli meat is on the "AVOID" list...of course, i went straight to the computer to WebMD what might happen, and had started to convince myself that i had indeed put my baby in great harm.  adam, being the ration man that he can be, made me close the computer, and to go for a walk.  while on the walk, i started feeling really nauseous.  and on our way back, it i was, at a bus stop, with my head in the trash can.  thankfully, no one was around except for the cars speeding by.  but that was it.  that had sealed the deal (even though i've been sick pretty much this entire pregnancy).  i knew i had harmed my marshmallow.  i was sobbing. the kind where you can't breathe.   with adam there, telling me that everything was fine and that i am a good mom, he was finally able to talk me off the ledge (such a good hubby).   He also reminded me that we had a dr. appointment on tuesday, where we would be able to hear little marshmallows heart beating, and talk to the dr. about any concerns we might have.  so, for the most part, i was fine...besides the awful nightmares i had that night.  

well...after talking with my dr., and doing some serious reflecting, i am pretty certain that everything is ok (at least for now).  the truth is, that it wasn't the deli meats that made me was my prenatal vitamins!!!  besides forgetting that i wasn't supposed to eat deli meat, i also forgot that i had taken my vitamin with lunch...  after going through that thought with the dr., she gave me a different vitamin to try....and good news!! i haven't thrown-up since!!!!

i'm sure there will be more freak out, panic attacks, waves of guilt, etc...but i know i am blessed to have the love and support of so many wonderful people.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

friends of the Del

i honestly don't know how, or why we are so blessed to have so many wonderfully generous people in our lives.  i like to believe it's becuase we both share the belief that everyone deserves to be greeted with a smile, and treated kindly. 

thanks to some wonderful friends, bill matheny and cheryl ferguson, we were treated to a "bbq", as friends of the del (hotel del coronado).  and yes, i put "bbq" in quotes, becuase it wasn't just a bbq, it was a grand feast.  when we sat down, on the menu, there were several salad options, several meat options, and more than several side dish option (see image below for examples of menu item). naturally, we thought that we would be chosing one from each section, oh, but, no...we were served EVERYTHING.  the del wanted to show their friends, ALL the things that they could offer.  my favorite item?  probably was the grilled peaches served with indian ice cream (most likely goes along with my previous post).   the event was gorgeously decorated with white phalenopsis orchid arrangements, and low table succulent centerpieces (of course i HAD to run around and take photos of them). 

Now if you know me, you know that social events, especially ones that entail me not knowing ANYONE...can be, well, streessful.  but the night was wonderfully fun and entertaining, thanks to all our new friends from table 4!  the night would not have been as enjoyable without all the friendly smiles and conversation you all provided.  (we even stayed out past 10pm...which for this mama, is quite the feat these days).   AND THEN!  to top the night off...who do we run into on our way out?  mr. alex montoya... departing from yet another wonderful even being held at the del.... 

....we might be biased, but we really do love the del.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Millions of Peaches

second week of blogging, and already slackin'!! geesh!  hahahah. sorry. 

as long as i can remember, whenever i'm not feelin' well, a go-to food has been peaches.  yes, growing up, it was the canned kind that sorta just slides down your gullet.  i think it was something passed down to me from my grandpa tavares.  though now, you most likely won't find me eating canned peaches, i've found that through this whole pregnancy thing, i still have found comfort in the peach. funny, right?  so, i thought i'd share my favorite peach recipe as of late.

for a single serving
1 large fresh peach (or two smaller)
2-3 medium-size basil leaves chopped ( i like long skinny strands)
1 tbs honey (the real kind, not fake kind)
handful of toasted alond slivers

mix basil, peaches and honey with almonds (i add a little extra honey ontop the almonds...but no need)...and YUM!  you have a delightful summer peach salad!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day post from Marshmallow's proud Papa

I figured what better time than Father’s Day to introduce myself and publish my very first blog post. As much as I’ve loved to write my entire life, I’ve always been more content as a spectator to these things. My favorites typically involved sports, business and, finance in some way: I Will Teach You To Be Rich, The Four Hour Workweek, and CNBC’s Darren Rovell’s Sports Biz just to name a few. I also love reading my good friend Alex Montoya’s blog – he has an amazing story to share and continues to inspire me and thousands of others every day.

However… the past couple weeks have been different. Much, much different. Instead of researching the best mutual funds to invest my 401k, I was researching the highest-rated car seats  and which jogging strollers might fit in the trunk of my tiny car. Instead of looking at pictures of a remote tropical island, imaging how the sand would feel between my toes as I sip a pina colada, I was looking at pictures of a blurry 3oz fetus and imagining how it will feel to walk her down the aisle someday. My favorite blog to read these days no longer involve giving insight on stocks, money, or athletes- but rather giving time-tested, wholesome advice for men fortunate to have a daughter: Life To Her Years.

I am only four months into this new role as expectant (and eventual) father, and  I already feel like a new man whose priorities are being revised as quickly as our little Marshmallow is growing.  I look forward to the months leading up to the due date (December 3rd) to prepare myself as best I can in all capacities: mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and even spiritually. It’s gonna be the adventure of a lifetime.
Until next time,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

a bo-beau beach picnic

between work, marathon training, baby-brewing (aka hormonal-mood swings), gets a little tough to sneak in date nights...and since it has been awhile since we took the girls to the beach, adam thought it would be a fun idea to do a little picnic down at dog beach.  AND, because i'm just too dang tired to cook these days, we decided to let one of our favorite little restaurants do the cooking.  if you haven't been to bo-beau's yet, go!  they seriously have the most amazing brussel sprouts on the planet! nom-nom, not to mention the huge selection of moules, flat breads, and other french scumptiousness.   and so, this was our satuday night out.  eating, snuggling, smooching (close your eyes if you're allergic to smooches)...all under the san diego sun. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

weekend obsession

ob. sessed.  that is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-D!  this week my friend addie brought these amazing dinner-plate dahlias back to the office from the mart.  it was instant love.  the shape, the texture and that peachy-pinky-barely-there-COLOR!  it just melts my soul.   pretty flowers can make any day a better day (not that i was having a bad day)...the day just gets even better in the presence of pure, simple beauty.  the real beauty, not the fake dressed up, made-up, pseudo kind of beauty...but the kind that comes naturally.  GUSHING! can you even handle it?  (see not all posts about baby...hahahaha).

(top: dinner plate dahlia, bottom left: pink peonies and queen anne's lace, bottom right: dinner plate dahlia, and pink/green parrot tulips)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

and so it begins...

ahhh (sigh)...a place to spew, to rant and to dream (not to mention post endless photos of my dogs, food and other little surprises)...all without fear that someone will post that they're sick of them....cause lets be honest, you're here because you choose to be! HOORAY!  and welcome!  welcome to my new outlet.   (oh my poor, poor english-teacher-mom is going to die when she sees all of my grammar mistakes)

i figured that since i'm introducing my new blog to the world, i may as well also introduce someone else thats new to MY(and by "my", i mean "our") world...little MARSHMALLOW!  that's what we (adam and i...oh goodness, adam is right, i am completely awful at introductions.  adam, the hub-bub) refer to the almost 4oz, orange-size fetus growing in my belly - don't worry, i won't only be posting about baby kinowski here...i'll be sure to include my current obsessions, things i find funny, inspirational, etc, etc.  so anyways.  world-marshmallow, marshmallow-world.  as you can see in the tiny ultrasound photo, she's already a thumb-sucker!!  and yes, i did say "SHE"!  our little marshmallow is a wee little girl.  we went to an early ultrasound at a A Baby's Visit, where we got meet our little one via a giant movie-theatre-size screen!  it was 100% amazing.  she danced, we laughed, she showed us her girlie-parts, we found out the gender of our BABY!

so thats what i'll leave you with today, i think that's enough.  
hope to see you around these parts again soon.