Saturday, December 29, 2012

one month

oh man... my little angel is one month! seriously, time needs to slow down!  we are doing all sorts of crazy things these days...kind of holding our head up, gaining a couple of arm and leg rolls (which mama loooooves to nibble on)...oh, and gaining 2 POUNDS!!!! woo hoo!!

one month stats:
weight: 8lbs, 8 ounces (29 percentile)
height: 21.5"(76 percentile)
head: 14.76" (77 percentile)

so in other words, our girl is tall and skinny with a big ol' noggin!

we've also broken out in a wee bit of baby acne, some days are better than others....BUT baby girl is still the cutest button there is.

if you look at the one month photo, you'll see that Immi has a smile.  what you can't see, is that she is peeing on her pretty blanket! doh!  that'll teach mom to take nakey butt pictures!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spirit of Christmas

I love the holidays...i love being surrounded by family and friends and anything that glitters.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Good Ol' Days

Well, Imogen and I survived our first week alone, with dad back to work... phew.  It wasn't easy.  In fact, sometimes (ok, a LOT of the time), it was down right HARD and EXHAUSTING...  but through all our crying fits (both Immi's and mine), I kept remembering something that Adam had said on one of our walks..."these are the good ol' days".  

I am so fortunate to have a husband who, even during times of difficulties, has the ability to step out of the situation and can realize that one day, we will look back on this brief moment of time and remember them as the good ol' days.  Really, if we think about it...what we all strive for in life is really just a string of "good 'ol days".    No matter where we are in life, we can all reminisce back to a time that we now consider the good ol' days- the tricky part is to realize it at the time. I think remembering this is the secret to a happy life.  Even at the most difficult and challenging times- when its 3am and i'm exhausted and hooking up a pump to my breasts like a prize heffer for what feels like the 100th time that day... I look over at my little baby girl who's clinging to her daddy's chest, clearly in a milk coma and realize that in probably just a few months, i'm going to miss these days.  These really are the good ol' days... so i thought i'd share some of our late night exhausted moments...whether it be gas induced smiles, chest clings, or just peaceful slumber (Immi's, not ours...i've realized we will probably not have a fully restful night until she's 18...ok, probably for the rest of our lives).

some 3am gas time smiles

just before bedtime....


as auntie cassidy would call it...face time flirty time!! 

seriously...could they be anymore related?
 "i'm so tired, but i'm gonna keep mom up anyway..."

this one just makes my whole heart melt...
daddy sleepy time snuggles... 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

more of a good thing

my little baby is already OVER two weeks old! how does this happen?  i feel like i must capture every. single. little. thing!!!  between the constant pumping and feeding i try to take in every tiny cuteness i possibly can, whether it's her pursed little lips stuck in the perfect kissing position, or if she is stretching those tiny little little limbs out as far as possible.  I know all these posts are ALL about baby...but lets be honest, that saying too much of a good thing...does NOT apply to her.  she has enveloped my whole life and i couldn't love it more.  as i've been promising, here are a couple of our photoshoots.  they are about a week apart.  she's already changing (sniffle).


of course i had to start with a couple polaroids.  i love how the film is so unpredictable.  this film is over 30yrs old!!

(for more from this shoot go to!i=2269104164&k=M5Kw56F)


when we went to do this shoot, i knew she had grown.  just a week earlier, we tried on this little outfit, and it was too big!!! now, it fits perfectly.  the little crown was made at her baby shower.  it's perfect for our little princess.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little like christmas...

in preparation for having the best christmas ever, the hubby and i took mini marshmallow out (along with auntie mb) to find a baby tree to celebrate our baby's first christmas.  ok- so really we had to get a mini tree, because we have no room with all the baby stuff to fit a normal size tree...and we couldn't have christmas without a tree!!  LUCKY for us, Mary Beth is an amazing sister and helped us capture this moment in time.    



and to help get us all into the spirit...a mini video :)  'tis the season!!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Week

I can NOT believe that our sweet immi-rue is already a week old.  yes, i've cried about it (and numerous other things) about a dozen times already today.

avg hrs of sleep per night = 3.5
avg diapers in 24 hrs = 10
avg # of kisses = 10000

for those wondering, and asking...we did do a little photo hold tight, more pics to come...soon-ish.

I Believe In Miracles

Well, it all started about week ago... here I thought I was going in to calm my typical over-thinking things mind...BUT, to our surprise, it was all just beginning...

by 9:11pm, Wednesday, November 28, 2012.... our sweet itty-bitty marshmallow, Imogen Rune Kinowski, took her first breath!!  (pronounced im-o-jen).  Adam actually found the name...and it had been our top contender pretty much the whole time.   What sealed the deal (well at least for me) was that we found out my grandma's grandma's name was Imogene?  We just dropped the 'e'.   Rune is a combination of Ruth and June...two of my grandmas.  My Grandma June passed away before I was born, but everyone says I'm a lot like her... I've always been really close to my grandma Ruth (my mom says she could tell that we'd be close ever since I was just a little baby).

stats: 6lbs 12oz, 20in

Having her here is so wonderful, and scary, and exciting.  I can't believe how in love we are with her.  I miss the little thing she did 2 seconds ago...I'm a wreck most of the time...though, I won't go into details now, perhaps later.  For those who don't believe in miracles, i say have a baby... it seems like so much can go wrong, that it's a miracle that we all survived.  

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to.  to be honest, we haven't left the house, or gotten dressed, or slept, or showered, or brushed our teeth....