Sunday, June 9, 2013

Evolving Love

Flora & Henri, one of our favorite baby brands, had a photo contest not too long of course, Cassidy (of Love Thy Nest) and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to dress the girls up and snap some, we didn't win, but if you go to the site now, the photo of the super hero picking his nose....thats the winner.  yah, i have to admit, kind of amazing.  i'm gonna need to keep that idea in my back pocket for down the road.   Anyways, they wanted a photo and a story behind the photo, so here's our story and photo!

When sweet Rylie met her adorable cousin Imogen for the first time, it may have not been lovee at first sight. In fact, a first born child and first grandchild, Rylie was very used to all of the attention being on her and was clearly not happy with sharing the spotlight. The story behind this photo shoot is one of evolving love.  More recently, Imogen’s baby coos and giggles have begun to win Rylie over, and we captured some of her affection when she graced Imogen with a few kisses.  Seeing how fashion forward Imogen was in her soft and adorable Flora and Henri outfit, Rylie was beginning to warm up to the idea of sharing the spotlight, that is…until Imogen began to nibble on Rylie’s Flora and Henri dress….. (story by Cassidy)

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  1. is that cat doll a stand in during an outfit change? I LOVE the last shot.